CASH+ is a 2iBi software solution designed to meet the needs of Customs Brokers, Maritime Shipping Agents, Forwarding Agents, Logistics Companies, Transport Companies and Cargo Agents.


  • Positive Cash-flow;
  • Positive cash balance always;
  • Positive bank balances always;
  • Avoid double payments (Avoiding payment of expenses of processes with funds not received yet);
  • Treasury Protection (Avoiding payment of costs of processes with your own funds);
  • Reduce costs, be more efficient (avoid paper costs, have electronic access to files).


Unique Solution

CASH + is a unique and specific solution on the market that ensures companies an efficient and profitable management of the money given by the client for the provision of services.

The operations of your company and the management of its treasury will no longer cause you surprises or bank overdrafts.

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