Our vision is to have companies in Mozambique run their operations that simultaneously and automatically, are providing management and financial information designed to suit their Shareholders anywhere in the world.

We are the best company to work with in Mozambique, which develops software and innovative business management, technological solutions and also have the most satisfied customers in the market.

All our daily actions serve to SATISFY OUR CUSTOMERS.

12 Points of 2iBi Culture


We are engaged and committed to the Vision, Mission, Culture and success of 2iBi and
his team. The satisfaction of 2iBi customers is our reason to exist.


In 2iBi we work with goals and make plans to meet those goals. The whole team of 2iBi
strives to meet the goals set individually and for the whole team. We like that the
objectives are S.M.A.R.T., and monitor regularly how we are achieving our goals. We
like to be rewarded when we reach the objectives and we assume the consequences
when we don’t.


In 2iBi we understand that people are the most important and that business should be
managed using systems. Whenever we find a situation that is not covered by existing
systems, we suggest an improvement to that situation so, in nearby needs it’ll be treated
the same way by our colleagues when solving the same type of situation.


We are passionate about what we do, and we do our best every day to achieve and
satisfy our goals. We try our best to always be informed and increase our knowledge in
becoming better people and professionals. We take pride in belonging to the 2iBi team,
and always transmit positive things to our colleagues and our customers.


Focus and daily discipline is the way to achieve success. Major projects are carried out
successfully because each of us fulfills his daily work plan. We avoid ever losing focus
on what we are doing and try every day to improve our self-discipline in personal and
professional life. Small routines and activities performed daily help us improve our
concentration and fulfill our goals.


We understand that our personal development and the increase of our knowledge is a
task for each one of us, that we should run small daily actions of self-development and
self-learning, such as reading books, articles, newsletters, frequent seminars, trainings
and webinars. We understand that we must take positive action every day, treating
others with respect and warmth, and be there to assist our colleagues when necessary.


We take responsibility for our commitments to customers, our colleagues and the
company where we work. We always fulfill the goals and objectives that we assume
and we always do what is necessary so that the commitments made to customers are
met. We do not seek excuses in others or on external factors, and ensure in advance
that the goals will be met. In 2iBi we strive to fulfill the goals and assume all the
responsibility to do so.


2iBi always use positive forms of communication with customers, suppliers and our
colleagues. There are no problems, only challenges. We understand that our actions
generate reactions. We must always convey positive, good mood with whom we
communicate. We are always transparent, honest and sincere. We are always clear
and sincere in what we convey to customers, particularly in the way we work and try to
achieve success while delivering benefits to customers.


We take pride in belonging to the 2iBi team, and always transmit positive things about
2iBi to customers, suppliers and others. We always recommend 2iBi to whom we know
and show always that we are a proud member of the team 2iBi to others. In 2iBi we
give our best to the company!


In 2iBi we want to have the greatest fans in the world, our customers. We want the
users of our systems and our solutions to be pleased with us, so they’ll speak well of
us. We want the managers and directors of our customers to be so satisfied with the
results, that they’ll recommend us to everyone they know and wants to enjoy the same
advantages. We want our customers to be our greatest source of referrals and we do
everything in our hand to make sure that they share the positive experience they have
with us to others


We are always looking for new opportunities to innovate, whether in the internal
processes of 2iBi, or a suggestion of new products or solutions to be developed for the
market, or presentation of solutions to our customers. We know that innovation is part
of our company culture and its one of the keywords to achieve success.


Difficult things take time to accomplish. Impossible ones take a little longer.
Everyone in the 2iBi team is committed to improving others business, “Your Business
Improved!”. Our success is a reflection of our customers’ success. We are a team that
is motivated by the continuous feeling of being successful.