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How to Keep Customers Satisfied

One thing I love about customers is that they are divinely discontent. Their expectations are never static—they go up. It’s human nature.

– Jeff Bezos

Customer Satisfaction has been the purpose of 2iBi team since our foundation. We live it every single day, and it’s part of our culture. However, sometimes we may not be delivering the level of satisfaction we promise (2iBi team is made of humans😊), so I decided to share some ideas about how we try to anticipate and how we deal when something falls out track.

Constant Evaluation

Whenever a customer user asks for support, we raise a ticket in desk2U, the system we use to manage all the customers’ support requests.

While our support colleagues handle the ticket, the user is informed about all the activities recorded and stays informed on what’s going on. At the completion of each ticket, we invite the user to evaluate his experience, from 1 to 5 (1 being bad, and 5 being Great).

This evaluation is critical to evaluate the level of service our team provides to customers and give us additional information and KPIs about the evolution of the level of satisfaction over the last weeks or months.


Communication is one of the 12 points of 2iBi Culture. We genuinely believe that being honest and transparent is crucial to have satisfied customers.

Customer support is mainly provided by people. Sometimes we reach peaks of activity and may not be able to respond in 24 hours as we promise. When it happens, we communicate that we are suffering a volume peak of users’ requests for support and may take a little longer to respond. Of course, we always respond with max urgency when a customer reports a critical issue like a system breakdown.


We are constantly looking for new people to join 2iBi team. You can see some of our job offers here.

We see recruitment as sales. So we are constantly filling the funnel to find the right people to come on board this journey, being a 2iBi team member. We do this because we know we are always in need of reinforcing our team with engineers and consultants, also because our customer portfolio is growing every quarter.


As Jeff Bezos wrote,”… yesterday’s “wow” quickly becomes today’s “ordinary...”” .

So it is essential to anticipate what customers will want in the future, what’s the next thing, what’s the following need, and keep raising the bar for the Wow effect. 

We do that in different ways. We created additional products and features that can help and increase their quality of life. For example, we started giving access to desk2U to our clients, so they can create their tickets and add activities to those tickets. In our pipeline, we’ve planned to develop what users will use as self-service education to learn more about their systems. We’ll also create a knowledge center where users can search for their problems and check possible solutions.

So what?

Customer satisfaction is a moving target. What we do today won’t be enough tomorrow. As a leading innovator and technology business based in Mozambique, our commitment is to improve and keep giving Wow experiences to all our actual and future customer users.

Stay well, and see you soon.

Luis Leal Leonor

Founder & CEO at 2iBi