petroSTK is a 2iBi software solution designed to meet the needs of Petroleum Fuel Terminals, which allows you to have real time updated information on stocks and operations.


  • Easy and transparency in reporting to clients;
  • Automatic calculation of quantities at Standard Temperature, using the Petroleum Measurement Tables;
  • Automated Calculation of Loss and Gains, and distribution to customers;
  • Product Traceability in Terminal;
  • Client Releases Control, quantities delivered and to be delivered;
  • Consignees Control.



  • Capture of all transactions and stock movements in the Terminal;
  • Capture of Product Receipt Operations – Discharge Report;
  • Capture of Pumping Operations – Pipeline Pumping;
  • Capture of Truck Loading – Quantity Certificate, Delivery Note;
  • Capture of Client Releases;
  • Loading instructions;
  • Reporting of Stock Monitoring, Stock Statements, Loss and Gains, Stock Position, Pending Releases, Stock Position per Vessel, Stock Position by Tank and Customer, Customer Stock for Statements.

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