Privacy Policy

This Privacy Statement concerns the website: (“The Website”), which is owned and maintained by 2iBi Software (hereinafter “2iBi”).

2iBi recognizes the importance of protection of personal information.

In handling all personal information provided in the course of business, 2iBi will comply with relevant European Union laws and regulations. 2iBi commits to respect the privacy of users and to process their personal data carefully and confidentially, in compliance with applicable European Union laws and regulations.

2iBi reserves the right to update this Privacy Statement at any time without prior notice. Users are advised to visit this page from time to time to verify if there have been updates to the Privacy Statement.

Why does 2iBi process your data?

When you visit The Website, you have the opportunity to contact 2iBi online to ask a question, to learn more about a solution, to ask for product support, etc. If you choose to contact 2iBi online, you will find that our online forms ask for personal information, such as name, phone number, or e-mail address.

2iBi uses personally identifiable information submitted online to: 

  • Provide customer support 
  • Respond to questions from visitors to The Website 
  • Share company news, product updates, or helpful tips about 2iBi products 
  • Inform users of special promotions or events
  • Create reseller partnerships 

What kind of Personal Information does 2iBi Collect?

Users can browse most pages of The Website without needing to supply any personal information in the process.

However, most online forms on The Website ask for a small amount of relevant information, such as name, email, street address, and phone number.

Our online forms make it easy for visitors, partners and customers to contact 2iBi.

Those who wish to communicate with 2iBi but do not want to give personally identifiable information online may use the phone or fax numbers that we provide on The Website.

How Does 2iBi Handle Personal Information?

At 2iBi we protect the confidentiality of the personally identifiable information we receive. Therefore:

1. 2iBi will only acquire personal information by lawful and appropriate means.

2. 2iBi maintains the information it receives online in strict confidence; information you submit to 2iBi is not sold to nor shared with third parties, except our partners as described herein.

3. 2iBi will endeavor to keep the acquired personal information accurate and up-to-date.

4. 2IBI will take necessary and appropriate steps such as protection from destruction, leakage, and modification, etc. to ensure security in handling of personal information.

5. 2iBi will give proper consideration to allow a person who is the subject of personal information to be appropriately involved in the handling of such information.

6. At times it may be necessary to transfer personally identifiable information to an independent 2iBi partner. 2iBi requires that its independent partners handle personal information with the same concern for personal privacy as 2iBi.

Whenever 2iBi transfers personally identifiable information to its partners, it is with the understanding that the information should be used for the sole purpose of fulfilling the customer’s request and that the information should be kept confidential and secure at all times.

7. 2iBi reserves the right to notify its customers about administrative matters that pertain to their 2iBi accounts.

8. When required by law, 2iBi will share information with government agencies.

Security of Personal Information

2iBi maintains strict access control over personal information.

2iBi stores personally identifiable information in password-protected environment servers. These servers are subject to 2iBi’s information security policies, standards, and procedures

Links to Other Websites

The Website may contain links to other websites and email addresses, which are not the property of 2iBi. This Privacy Statement does not apply to such websites and email addresses. Is you use one of those links and supply personal data on another website you will be subject to the privacy statement of that website.

Commercial Information

2iBi may send commercial emails to customers who have expressed an interest in its products and services. If you receive commercial emails from 2iBi and wish to discontinue these mailings, you may unsubscribe at the footer of the email itself. If this is not possible, you may also send an unsubscribe request to: with the subject “Unsubscribe to email”.


What is a cookie?
A cookie is a small file that a website puts on a user’s hard drive. This file identifies specific information about previous visits to the site.

How does 2iBi use cookies?
2iBi uses cookies to recognize return visits to The Website and to facilitate navigation. In some cases, the cookie stores name and address information so that the customer does not have to re-enter this same information in multiple forms.

The cookie information that 2iBi collects helps us track the number of visitors to The Website over time and determine whether these were new or repeat visits.

For the purpose of internal analysis, 2iBi also uses cookies to track pages visited during a single session. 2iBi uses this information to adjust the presentation of The Website and to make it more relevant to our users.

Does 2iBi keep cookie data private?
Information collected by 2iBi through the use of cookies is maintained as confidential data and is not shared beyond the corporation and its authorized agents.

Can I block cookies on The Website?
Most browser applications allow you to block or limit the use of cookies. Consult the help menu of your browser application for details. If you block the use of cookies, you will not be able to use some of the features on The Website.

Access to Information

According to the Personal Data Protection Law, individuals have the right to obtain information about the handling of their personal data. Users may contact 2iBi to check which personal data is being stored, and may request 2iBi to update, correct, or even delete personal data that is proven incomplete, incorrect or irrelevant for their purpose.

This may be done by writing to Please indicate “Personal data” in the subject line and let u.