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Save time, money and paper
in your business procurement

With Reqwest®, your team can request
and approve purchases of goods and services
in a simple and quick way, automatically integrating
them in your Primavera ERP Software.

Increased cost efficiency
Increased Productivity
24/7 remote access from any device

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Why choose Reqwest®?

100% online and cloud-based portal

You can access from anywhere and from any device, allowing total mobility

More efficiency in the approval and disapproval processes of purchases

It simplifies time-consuming processes, resulting in increased productivity

Reduction of paper waste

No need to restamp or complete paperwork to approve or disapprove purchases

Costs control

You will always know how much your company is buying and will avoid duplicating stocks in the warehouse

Integration with Primavera ERP

When approved, requisitions are automatically integrated into Purchases & Inventories in Primavera ERP

Stock optimization

You will avoid the duplication of stocks in the warehouse, as you will always know what quantities are available, avoiding repeated purchases.

“Robust and intuitive plataform”
Paulo Ferreira, CFO of Cimentos da Beira

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Unlimited users and 2 levels of approval available

Monthly flat rate, no surprises

Integration with Primavera ERP Software

API allows integration with other systems

How does it work?

Purchase Requests

People in the organization place their online request for purchase of goods and services.

Management Approval

The department supervisor approves or rejects purchase requests from team members. A second level of approval is available, if needed, based on the business rules.

ERP integration

When approved, the requisition is loaded automatically into the ERP system and a purchase order can be issued to the supplier, or a requisition to the internal warehouse.


Users can check the status of the requisition, order and delivery online

Reqwest® allows your organization to ensure compliance with all procedures.

From 199$/Month

Online requests and approvals

2 levels of approval

Different permission levels

100% Cloud-based

Integration with your Primavera ERP Software for inventory and cost control

Unlimited users

Upload attachments

Email notifications

Internal messaging system

Continuous monitoring


Security of your data: Reqwest® will be hosted in Tier 3 data centers and will be able to access remotely in security

What do Reqwest® users say?

“The normal process that used to be done on paper brought difficulties in approval, for example, when the department managers were not present at the factory. Such a solution simplifies the entire internal purchase requisition process and the integration with ERP Primavera is also an advantage.”
Paulo Ferreira, Financial Director of Cimentos da Beira