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Access online your Primavera ERP Software
anytime, from anywhere, with any device,
and above all: free of worries!

With 2iBi Primavera Cloud®, your company will never have to
worry about servers, backups, power disruptions,
or hardware failures again.

Available anywhere
Migration is simple and quick from your current ERP Primavera Software
and keeping all the features and configurations

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Why choose 2iBi Primavera Cloud®?

Available anywhere, anytime

Users can access ERP Primavera from anywhere in the world at any time. You just need an internet connection and a browser – Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, etc – it is that simple!

Stability & Security

Our system is available all the time with daily backups that are replicated every day in different places around the globe. Datacenter Tier 3 & Antivirus so we got you covered!

Reduce your IT maintenance costs now

You will no longer need a local server so that means less costs in Hardware & updates, UPS, energy consumption, backups, Microsoft Licensing, Antivirus, and maintenance.

Normal internet connection is more than enough

Any wired or even mobile connection will be sufficient. Users can work remotely from anywhere including office, home, or hotels; they can even use smartphones in hotspot mode.

From 125USD/month

2iBi Primavera Cloud® includes:

Migration in less than 24 hours

Migration of your ERP Primavera V9 or V10 without additional costs and keeping all the features and configurations

Daily automatic backups: Replicated in several places around the globe with protection against ransomware attacks


  • Your Primavera will be in a Tier 3 Datacenter, with energy redundancy, communications and limited physical access
  • 2-step authentication. Besides their user and password, users receive an email or SMS with an authentication code
  • Antivirus included

Cloud Virtual Machine with:

  • Windows 10 multi-session
  • From 2 to 16 vCPU
  • From 4GB to 64GB of RAM
  • From 50GB storage

Primavera Office Extensions

  • You can continue using Primavera Office Extensions with the Excel licenses that you already have
  • You can continue using your Office 365 subscription to access MS Office apps

Flexible & Customizable platform

Productivity Increase

Bring Your Own Device

What do 2iBi Primavera Cloud® users say?

“People can do their work at home or elsewhere, it just flows without disruptions. (…)
I recommend 2iBi to everyone!”

– Joana Martins, Executive Director at SCDS

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