We, SMIT Serviços Marítimos de Moçambique Limitada, have been using the services of 2iBi and ACCOUNT+ since 2014, and appreciate the advice, effort and commitment shown by their team since the start of our relationship.

We comfortably rely on their expertise, and it is comforting to know that they are willing to address our requirements in line with our own international reporting deadlines, whilst assuring that the management accounting information is a useful tool for enabling us to manage our business in Mozambique.

The quality of statutory advice also plays an important role as we do not have the local expertise available in-house and often make use of their services to guide us through what is required from an accounting and statutory side, and by when, avoiding the common pitfall on non-compliance and late payments of statutory amounts due.

We look forward to long partnership ahead, and believe that we found the right partner for financial reporting, advice and support in 2iBi and ACCOUNT+.

“Peet Reyneke”, Financial Manager
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