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Why people buy

Like Jeffrey Gitomer says, people don’t like to be sold, but they love to buy. So what can we do to help them?


The beginning of the buying process starts with information. People look for information about what they are going to buy. They will get that info from friends, colleagues,  partners, spouses, and also researching the Internet.  And researching the Internet they’ll reach articles, publications, and also potential suppliers web sites.

Maybe these suppliers will show technical data and specifications of their products,  but this is not enough. The buyers of today want to know what are the experiences others had with these products and suppliers.


When the buyer decides to acquire a product he must feel comfortable with that decision. Depending of the product he’s buying, the size of the deal, and the position of the buyer, there can be different aspects that contribute for the comfort of the buyer.

When buying an ERP system for the business, we can have different types of buyers. The Business Owner, the CFO, the CEO, the Board Members, or a mix of all of these.

For each of these types, different aspects are important. The business owner may value the investment and the warranties, the CFO may need to understand all of the details and features of the system, the CEO may need to assure this is the right choice to satisfy his shareholders, and the Board Members may appreciate that the solution they are buying is an industry recognized leader.


Our role as ERP consultants is to make the decision comfortable for each of these profiles, showing the buyer the 5 reasons why people choose 2iBi.


The Purpose of 2iBi team is “All our daily actions serve to SATISFY OUR CUSTOMERS“. We measure the satisfaction of 2iBi customers during the project implementation, and during the support and maintenance stage.

There is a warranty of satisfaction. If the customer is not happy with the experience he get back 20% of the services amount.

At this moment the level of satisfaction on support services is over 96%.

Purpose Of 2ibi Team


Being in Mozambique is working in a multicultural business environment with people coming from different parts of the globe. 2iBi team members are able to communicate in English, Portuguese and French.

Sometimes our consultants are the facilitators inside the customer, as they translate ideas from management and users make everyone happy.

International experienced team

Again, because we are in a multicultural environment, we have people in the team with international experience, specially in Africa and Europe. 2iBi team is also multicultural and adapts well on each user or manager profile.


Communication is one of 12 Points of 2iBi Culture. During the project implementation the customer receives a 15/5 Daily Report. 15/5 means this daily report takes 15 minutes to write a 5 minutes do read, and exposes want was done today, what will be done tomorrow, any delays and any issues to be addressed by the implementation consultants.

24 hours response

2iBi Platinum customers get responses to support requests in less than 24 hours. This is also a real warranty to the customer as if this maximum time responses are not achieved, the customer gets a refund.

Next Steps

If you are looking for a new ERP software for your business, and you have operations in Mozambique, I am sure we can hep and support you. Just drop me an email to and I’ll get in contact with you.

If you prefer to book a free a2z Diagnostic, please follow this link

Luis Leal Leonor

Founder & CEO at 2iBi