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3.5 Reasons to have an Integrated Management Software

Luis Leal Leonor

Luis Leal Leonor CEO 2iBi | software

Why should you have an integrated management software, and not just a billing or accounting program?
Below we will talk about the 3.5 reasons for this.

1st Reason -Avoiding duplication of tasks

How long does it take to do the same thing twice? Twice the time, it’s clear!
And what is the most valuable? Money or Time? Time! Money can be won, lost and won again. Whilst time when lost it can’t be won again.
What is the most valuable resource we all have in life? Time! With time we can do whatever we want, both in professional life as in personal life.
Then we should use systems to help us save time. Yes and time is also money. With Integrated Management Software, we can perform multiple operations at once. For example, when we do an invoice for a client, we are at the same time registering a debit in the client’s current account, making an exit from the inventory and registering these movements in the current accounts. So in this case we do 3 transactions at once.

2nd Reason -Reliability of the information and errors prevention

Have you ever heard of the maxim, “the machine is always right!”? I started hearing this in an electrical engineering lesson in high school. Our teachers did not get tired of telling us that whenever one of our mounts did not work … Then, at Polytechnic I continued hearing it during the Programming lessons. “The machine is always right!”. The machines do what we, the humans, make them do. Agree?
And how does this idea apply to Management Software? The likelihood of having errors in data capturing is always great when we have people involved in the process.
With an integrated system, there is no repetition of tasks. The data is only captured once and replicated on all operations within the system between the various modules.
A typical example is the integration with the accounts. Without integrated system, someone registers invoices, purchases, payments and receipts. Then, send these documents to the accountant, who will register these operations again, to determine the taxes payable and produce financial information in the end for business management.
If it’s an integrated solution, there will be no papers circulating, and the information is straightly recorded in the accounts.

3rd Reason -Control and traceability
What does financial information serve for? To give us control over what’s going on. And to have control we have to feel comfortable with the information that we receive.
With integrated operations, we get information on the traceability of each movement. If we are for example consulting the balance of an costs account on a accounting trial balance , we will know which moves have given rise to this balance (on a statement), and for each movement in Accounts what was the accounting operation that generated this value (a purchase) and what originated this purchase (a purchase order and a quotation).
As there is traceability, it also ensures that there are no data changes in the middle of processes.

3.5th Reason – More rapid Information

If we have all integrated, information is always available on a daily basis, without having to wait for the month end to find out what happened in our business.
With more rapid information, updated instantly, we can make better decisions.

See you soon!