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Why PRIMAVERA Human Resources Instead of Excel?

Carla Alfredo

Carla Alfredo Senior Consultant 2iBi | software

I arrived in Mozambique about 4 years ago and the most used tool for Data Processing related to Human Resources and Salaries was Excel.

Since I came here, 2iBi has helped improve Human Resources management in more than 20 companies, implementing the PRIMAVERA Human Resources solution, thus helping employees responsible for Salary Processing, Contract Management and Tax Calculation have a better quality of life getting more time for other tasks and avoiding worries to the managers of the companies since they know that all the legal and fiscal obligations of Mozambique are being fulfilled.

With the PRIMAVERA Human Resources solution, all processes are simplified and performed automatically, avoiding human errors.

At any time it is possible to have management information quickly and with current data. It is also possible to issue all mandatory Fiscal Maps in a simple, fast and automatic way.

With the PRIMAVERA Human Resources solution, the calculation of compensation at the end of the contract is carried out automatically.

What fascinates me the most, and also the users, is the preparation of the INSS Declaration in SISSMO via file. This is one of the often time consuming and very prone to error tasks, particularly in companies with many employees. The Director of Human Resources of a Group of Companies with more than 500 employees told us that before using the PRIMAVERA Human Resources solution, it took more than two weeks to prepare the INSS Declaration and now they do so with only 2 clicks and also to do the Salary Processing, filling in the long sheets of Excel, it was another 2 weeks which left them without time for other tasks.

When another user saw that he no longer used Excel sighed with relief. He said it was a very long work and he had always doubted if the result would be correct.

The Human Resources Director of another company said that now the processing of salaries is quite easy, it does the processing in a few seconds automatically and can have information always available.

Another advantage between Excel and the PRIMAVERA Human Resources solution is the easy integration with other modules namely Accounting, with the possibility of being allocated to Cost Centers, integration with Current Accounts and also with Time Report.